Selected Press for Hairy Tales

  • “I absolutely love how involved Hairy Tales works as a puzzler.”
    Eric Ford, Read more
  • “Hairy Tales is more than just a great name - and, as a debut title, suggests a bright future for Arges Systems.”
    Rich Stanton, Read more
  • “Puzzle fans, and anyone who wants to try something different, are going to find an awful lot to enjoy in this strange game.”
    Harry Slater, Read more
  • “A vibrant, quirky world ripped seemingly out of an off-brand fairytale, a jaunty folk soundtrack, and a complete lack of sleazy monetization all add to the rock-solid puzzle mechanics. So while this tale may get a little hairy sometimes (I couldn’t resist), it’s more than worth the price of admission. ”
    Eli Cymet, Gamezebo Read more
  • “There's plenty of ingenuity on show in the level design, and quite often you'll need to think fast to ensure you don't plummet to an untimely death in the abyss that surrounds each of the puzzles.”
    Rob Rich, Read more
  • “The puzzles are all really clever, and the ways you go about solving them are a whole lot of fun. We really liked the fact that there seem to be more than one way to solve the puzzles. That kind of flexibility is rare and adds to the feeling that you’re playing something unique and creative.”
    Erik Carlson, Read more
  • “This makes it an outstanding game. Hairy Tales is simple enough to understand, but so maddeningly complicated so that you’re addicted to the challenge, and what a challenge it is.”
    Fred Topel, Read more
  • “Hairy Tales is a smart take on puzzlers of its sort ... packs a legitimate challenge.”
    Phil Hornshaw, Read more
  • “Hairy Tales is a fantastic little game, with 72 levels spread across 3 worlds you’ll have plenty to do”
    Martin Lamont, Read more
  • “The graphics and characters give Hairy Tales a unique and quirky feel and the puzzles become challenging enough to maintain my interest for a long time.”
    Ramy, Read more
  • “Un puzzle game che piacerà certamente agli amanti della sfida - "A puzzle game that people who enjoy a good challenge will certainly like" (Italian review)”
    Emiliano Contarino, Read more
  • “I find the combination of simple gameplay and difficulty ingenious. (Dutch review)”
    Auteur: Grbn, Read more
  • “You will die a lot. You will laugh a lot. And you will play this game a lot if you enjoy a good challenge.”
    Jackie Mueller, Read more
  • “"Hairy Tales really took me by storm... Over all, Hairy Tales is a top-notch puzzler."”
    Óskar Steinn, Read more
  • “Hairy Tales will leave you wondering how many different ways you can complete a level, or even if you did it in the easiest way possible.”
    Dan, Read more